DR. D. Stiles rebukes FWS for the lies they are telling
Dr. Daniel Stiles, an extensively published expert on African Elephants and the illegal ivory trade, has just submitted a comment to FWS in response to its proposed ivory ban rebuking FWS and Non-Governmental Organizations for misrepresenting his research and misleading the American public about illegal ivory in America. among his corrections of the misleading and outright lies they have distributed in his name, he states "there is no demand for new poached raw ivory in the U.S." and he also notes that the law that existed prior to February 2014 was adequate to prosecute violators as shown by the cases highlighted in FWSs proposed regulation. Dr. Stiles also pointed out how insignificant the trade of antiques would be to African elephant poaching or the overall illegal ivory trade. He estimated that the highly unlikely worst-case scenario based on data from the CITES Trade Database would mean that ivory necessary to make all of the potentially illegal antiques entering the U.S. could be made from about 10 elephants per year (out of a population of about 500,000).
Please download the complete statement here: http://cqrcengage.com/elephantprotection/file/bHm2MgdXVWT/Stiles USFWS comment.docx.
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