This collaboration with knifemaker Jim Downs made the cover of the Blade Magazine, May 2009 . His stylish folder, featuring mosaic damascus bolsters, a damascus blade and mammoth ivory scales was the perfect canvas for the graceful white egret in flight. You can contact Jim at

This photo of me with Paul Newman was taken at a charity auction where a pool cue I scrimmed was auctioned off. The custom made "Drexler" cue featured scenes from the original Hustler movie, and was autographed by Paul Newman. The entire $30,000.00 winning bid went to the Hole in The Wall Gang Camp. This is a camp for children with potentially life threatening diseases. More photos of this pool cue can be viewed in the Pool Cue gallery.

Me with Paul Newman Hustler
Hustler Hustler

I was honored to meet General Norman Swartzkopf and then President Geo. Bush Sr. at the Safari Club International Show in Las Vegas. The General was presented with a knife I scrimshawed for him .The knife, donated by Rob Charleton of Damascus USA, featured a growling grizzly bear (“The Bear” being one of the Generals’ nick names), the West Point motto , “Duty, Honor, Country”, and of course the American flag. Four gold stars and tasteful engraving finished it off.

Me with Norman Swartzkopf and George Bush

Additional Awards & Special Events
2009Cover of The Blade Magazine and feature article “Mother Knows Best”.
2008Ohio Gun Collectors Assocation (OGCA) used my scrimshaw work for their advertising for 2009 through 2011.
2008Best Color-Nautical category at Scrimshaw International Competition in Newport, Rhode Island.
2008Cover of Billiard Encyclopedia, 3rd publication, by Victor Stein and Paul Rubino.
2008Inclusion in Scrimshaw Techniques book by Jim Stevens
2008Was an invited artist for the National Arts Club in association with Blatt Billiards Art Exhibit. They exhibited two of my scrimshawed pool cues and a globe-scrimmed cue ball at a gallery show for the Artistic Advances in Billiard Art.
2007Inclusion in Art of the Knife book by Joe Kertzman
2006Profiled in OGCA, March 2006 publication.
2006Best in Show-Collaboration, Wolverine Knife Collectors Show
2005Blue Book of Pool Cues, 3rd Edition. Featured article on "The Hustler" cue.
2005Inclusion in Modern Scrimshaw book by Eva Halat. (Also was in 2003 Edition.)
2005Invited to join a joint exhibit The Art and Craft of South Carolina Knifemakers, Nov.18-June 11, 2006
South Carolina State Museum, Columbia, S. Carolina. Invited guest speaker on opening day for that event.

The Hustler Pool Cue sold at auction for $30,000.00. Proceeds to benefit The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp” for terminally ill children. Professional Knifemakers Association.

Best collaboration award shared with Don Hethcoat.

20031st. Place, Mystic Scrimshanders National Scrimshaw Competition. Contact: Barb Cullen, 860-536-4827 Mystic, CT. Feature article in “World” mag. (Japan)
2001Invited guest artist at the American Custom Gun Makers Guild Show in Reno, NV . Knife World magazine
1999Feature article “ Knife” mag. (Japan) Badger knife club Judges Award. Lecture speaker at the Blade International Cutlery. Show Contact: Steve Shackleford, Krause Publications
1998Award of excellence, Sauder Village Archbold, OH. Contact: Carolyn Sauder
1997Invited to and exhibited at Seki City Knife show, Seki City, Japan. Resulted in the sale of a knife for the Seki Knife Museum. Cover of Knives Illustrated”- October Gun Journal
1996Feature article in The Blade Magazine. Lecture speaker at the Blade Show International Cutlery Show
1995Best of Show, Scrimshaw Wolverine Knife Collectors. Contact: Pat Donovan
1994Cover of Billiard Encyclopedia by Victor Stein and Paul Rubino
1994Best of Show North Carolina Wildlife and Sportsman Show. Best of Show, Scrimshaw Wolverine Knife Collectors. Feature article National Knife Magazine
1993Best of Show, Scrimshaw North Carolina Wildlife and Sportsman Show
1993“The Bear” knife presented to Gen. Norman Swartzkopf. Safari Club International, Las Vegas Nv.
1992Judges Award, Wolverine Knife Collectors
1991Judges Award, Wolverine Knife Collectors